Sicilian shores are washed by three different seas, and it’s reflected in the island’s ancient name for Sicily: “Trinacria”, the three-cornered island. Sicily has had a long and tortuous history dating back more than 2,000 years. To know Sicily, you must first breath in its aroma and taste its food. Palermo, the island’s capital city, is renowned for its fascinating blend of Arabic, Norman and Baroque architecture. On the east side of the island is the 18th century re-built city of Catania, located between the Ionian Sea and the slopes of Mount Etna. Catania is a UNESCO World Heritage site. And on the south side of the island is the magical and very much loved 27th century old city of Siracusa, founded by the Corinthians. After Siracusa we explore the mountain top village of Ragusa and then on to Agrigento to view and photograph the Valley of the Temples, and the stunning white rocks of Scala dei Turchi.

Sicily to most first-time visitors is a complete revelation. Although it’s the largest island in the Mediterranean it is relatively undiscovered, steeped in history and bathed in sunshine; offering the discerning traveller fine cuisine, stunning beaches, mountains, volcanoes, art, archaeology and unforgettable hospitality. Can you think of a better place to study photography than Sicily?